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⛏ [ 关于博客 ]

大家好,建源学堂陈睦锋博士多位热爱研究的小伙伴们 共同搭建组成的减隔震研究团队

非常感谢大家一直以来的关注和支持,建源学堂 也会继续给大家呈现更优质、更专业的内容。

JYStudio is a research team on reducing isolation and vibration composed of Dr. Chen and several passionate researchers. We would like to express our gratitude for your continued attention and support.
JYStudio will continue to present high-quality and professional content for everyone.

📕 [ 主要研究及学习分享内容 ]

团队凭借着丰富的经验及专业技能,结合CSI、ABAQUS、Midas、Matlab、OpenSees 对各种工程结构进行了深入的分析研究和不断探索,并不定期的分享给大家。
更多咨询和课程可以观看 建源学堂 的技术邻:


Our main focus is on the comprehensive exploration of disaster behavior and vibration control of building structures.
Using our extensive experience and professional skills, our team conducts in-depth analysis and research on various engineering structures using CSI, ABAQUS, Midas, Matlab, OpenSees, and other tools. We constantly explore and periodically share our findings with the community.

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如需联系,可扫描上方 二维码 联系我们 或 发送 E-mail 给我们,我们会在第一时间联系您!
If you need to contact us, you can scan the QR code above or send an E-mail to us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

🤝 { Acknowledgements } :

Special thanks to Dr.Kuang / Mr.Luo/ Dr.Liu/ YanShu/ CaiLin/ Chen-Shujiong/ Fang-Yujian/ Dr. Wang/ Dr.Young  for their great support to JYStudio.

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